(CC) Google Street View
(CC) Google Street View
(CC) Google Street View

Residential Complex at Can Travi

Barcelona ES


Collective dwelling


community infrastructures, social housing , spaces of care , civic spaces, local drive , public initiatives , casals


Visible from the street


This building includes 85 sheltered homes for the elderly and a civic centre. It is situated on a plot with an elevation of 3.5 metres to the north. To maximise the sea views, homes are concentrated in two L-shaped structures while the civic centre occupies the central area that extends across just one floor. As a result, all the homes face south. Each one measures 45 square metres, with circulation areas facing north and communal spaces to the south, ending in a large terrace. At the intersection between the two housing volumes there is access to a reception area that leads to the facilities. This is arranged around several courtyards that, in turn, configure the horizontal facade onto which the houses open. The complex is viewed as a compact volume into which ‘holes’ have been drilled - the terraces of the vertical volumes and the patios of the horizontal ones.