Photo by Caroline Cagnin
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Photo by Brunno Rodrigues
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Museo de arte Niterói

200best ES
Oscar Niemeyer




infraestructuras culturales , iconos, espacios del arte , hormigón brasileño, 200Best, objetos aterrizados




This late work by the Brazilian Oscar Niemeyer springs from the ground, “spontaneous as a flower”, in his own words. Located on Guanabara Bay, its iconic presence has led to the revitalisation of Niteroi, turning the city into a must-see destination beyond Rio de Janeiro. The project, designed to house the contemporary art collection of a private benefactor, stands on a privileged location chosen by Niemeyer himself. The starting point for the project is a large public platform for observing the landscape, under which several of the museum’s support spaces are buried. Emerging above the surface, a rounded volume connected to the ground by a stem rises above the profile of the bay. This is where the exhibition spaces are located. And probably the most important thing for the architect, the place from which to enjoy a 360-degree view of the landscape. The winding entrance ramp, sometimes criticised for not being appropriate for people with reduced mobility, provides access to the building and rounds off the architect’s design, always characterised by his love for the sensuality of curved lines.